Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My little go-go girl

Lily had her recital on Sunday. She was so cute! She was a little nervous but excited that everyone came to see her dance. I think she will do it again next semester.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have decided...

I have decided that I am addicted to Chinese Food. mmmm.... Yummy, I think I have just found my lunch plans :)

I have decided that allergies suck and Kentucky while the most beautiful state in the country is the worst place to live if you have them.

I have decided that my children are not only the funniest kids ever but are going to give a run for my money when they are teenagers. Lily got in trouble this week at school for convincing a little boy to take a test for her. SHE IS 7!!!! I am in trouble. SHE IS THE SWEET ONE!

I have decided that I want so badly to stay home with my kids I can't stand it! Stupid economy!

I have decided that I am meant to be chubby! I lost almost 40 pounds and have gained like 10-15 back. I guess its all the Chinese food. :(

I have also decided that I suck at blogging!!!! I still haven't put any pictures in from Utah. I had the best time and LOVED getting to see my favorite hippie again. I loved seeing her family and getting to see so many of the sights. Things have changed a lot. Here are a few pictures but my camera died while I was there, because some girls have all the luck. I have a couple of pictures from Celeste. It was amazing and next time I go out I want to take my husband and all my kids. Hopefully by then there will be more babies :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I hate the rain!

It has been raining here for well over a week, and I am done with it. I am ready for some sun!!!
I've been hiding out in my bed for quite a while and rainy weather is good for that but I think I am ready to join the rest of the world.

The next generation of Edmundson women:

Hannah and her best friend Olivia:

She is moving at the end of the month. It is going to break my babies heart!

Lily in her dance costume:

Sorry for the random pictures, I haven't been doing much the bast 2 weeks. I will try to do much better. :)