Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy Weekend!!

We had such a busy weekend! Our ward had a Festival of the Nativity. It was beautiful! All the girls from the office came with me and it was so fun! They had Nativity scenes from all over the world and a Live Nativity. They showed Joy to the world and it was all so amazing and I Loved sharing it with my friends and their families!

I have the best friends. The next morning we met up at Breakfast for Santa at our old high school. Man I felt old. It was so fun! Colin got very anxious so he spent a lot of time hiding under the table in between Jason's legs. Bless his heart. He warmed up toward the end. They had crafts and games. It was cute.

We had to rush from the breakfast to Lily and Colin's ball game. Go Wildcats!!! Their games are hilarious! Lily means business and Colin is so cute.

Then On Monday I got to be a part of the most special and wonderful day. My dear friends Leslie got to adopt her babies!!!! I cried and cried and when she started to cry I cried harder. I LOVE YOU LESLIE!!

Just listening to all of the activities of the week wore Piper plum out!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Door contest

At work we had a door decorating contest. And here is ours..

Don't know yet if we won but I thought it was cute. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

OK, I stink!!!

I really have been ignoring my computer. I haven't put anything new on this blog since July. Our life has been unbelievably hectic lately. Hannah finished her Volleyball season and Lily and Colin have started basketball. We have been trying to get pregnant since we lost the baby in April. We have succeeded two more times and lost those as well. So now after lots of really fun tests we are starting some fertility pills. I'm crossing my fingers and praying hard!!!! Hopefully soon I will have a big announcement to make. Here are some pictures of my babies. The top one is the first day of school. The 2ND is all of the Thomas grand kids. The last is Halloween. The are getting so big. I promise to do more updates soon!!!!!