Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

I know I am risking sounding like the Grinch but I am so glad it is over. I am ready for some downtime. I enjoy being together with the family (both sides) but I am always ready to see it go and for life to get back to normal. On Christmas eve my family always goes and sees a movie and then opens presents. That was fun but tiring. We went and saw Bolt in 3D. So stinking cute.! I saw it once already and cried anyway!!! Cutest movie! Then we went back to my sisters house for presents. With my 3 wild kids and my sisters 6 kids it was wild, as you can imagine. Our family is getting so big. I love it! It does fray my nerves just a bit at times but my kids have so much fun with all their cousins, and those are some of my happiest memories as a kid. Here is Mom and Dad and all of their grand babies, and my brother hasn't even started yet!

The kids opening their wii on Christmas morning: The babies in front of our tree:

This Friday is me and J's 10Th Anniversary!!! Can you believe it? It seems like we just got married. I remember on our honeymoon we kept joking that it felt like we were doing something wrong and how any minute our parents were going to bust in and take us out of that hotel room. I also remember how excited I was that I would get to sleep with him every night. Now ten years later I still love it when I get to crawl into bed with him. (One out of every three nights he is at the fire dept) Now of course on any given night we could have 2 Beagles in the bed and at least one baby. It been a good ten years, and just think that's only a drop in the bucket. Eternity is going to be awesome!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Christmas present from Jason

Her name is Ruby. She joins her brother Sam, we rescued both of them. They are so sweet and were the perfect gift!! Thank You Jason

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hannah's big day

My sweet Hannah was Baptized on Saturday. It was a very sweet and special night. I never pushed her into it and never really even mentioned it to her. I wanted it to be all her idea. She came to me. She is such an amazing girl and seems to really grasp things in a way I am not sure I did. Jasons whole family came to support Hannah was was really cool of them since they are die hard Church of Christ. Afterwards we all went to eat. Hannah got a Quad from My mom, a Journal from Sis B and a locket from Jasons mom. She loved all three. She is carrying around her quad and Journal everwhere, and has already been writing in her journal. I saw her taping in the program from her baptisim and writing at the top " Best Day of my life". I am one proud Momma!!!