Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am so behind!!!!

Me in the hospital . I'm looking rough but they are sweet.
This is more recent.

Since the boys were born on July 31st I have been so unbelievably busy! Twins are hard but fun.
The boys were born via c-section. I went into the Dr on the 30th and was walking around at 4 centimeters!! So even though I was only 34 weeks he had be come back the next morning for a c-section. This was my first and only c-section. To say I was terrified was putting it mildly. At 7:58 Mr Logan Hansel (family name) Thomas was born. He weigh 5 lbs and 5 ounces. He only got to be the baby of the family for 1 min. At 7:59 Connor Lawrence (family name) Thomas was born weighing only 4 lbs and 10 ounces. I cannot begin to tell you how over the next few day we felt and knew gods love. My babies were premature but never spent a moment in the nicu. They were healthy and beautiful! Over the next several days we had so many visitors. My sister-in-law Sarah really became a huge part of our lives and we became so close. I will always be so thankful for that time together!
Our home life is very different for sure! I am a stay at home mom now. I worked for years so it is defiantly different but I love it. I am here for every smile and when the big kids get home from school and it is amazing. I'm looking forward to all my time with my babies.
Logan has severe reflux so we have had to learn how to deal with that. He is on medication and special formula. It scared us the first time he threw up and choked on it in his sleep, as you can imagine. So we moved to the living room and the boys sleep in their swings. While that doesn't win me any mother of the year awards at least I know he won't choke anymore. I realize now that it will be a struggle to get back in our bed now. ANY TIPS ANYONE HAS IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!! Mr Connor is a laid back baby but very serious. When he does reward you with a smile it melts your heart.
Hopefully I can post a little more often and keep everyone up to date on the babies. We are all so in love with them, they are amazing!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lily got glasses!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My guys

Connor (top) Logan (bottom)

We had a 3D ultrasound on Friday. It was such a neat experience! The kids got to come in with us and our moms too. Its so cool to get to see what your babies look like before they are even here. I cannot wait to hold these guys in my arms! I know this is our last pregnancy and I have been trying to enjoy every minute of it but carrying twins is rough. I am really ready not to be so uncomfortable anymore. I will miss feeling them move inside of me though. Two babies moving at the same time is a different feeling for sure :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures in Bedrest

My big Ole' twin belly is peeking out from under the table :)
My baby shower cake. SO CUTE!

I've been on modified bed rest for awhile now but yesterday got taken off work and given full bed rest. My heart wasn't broken or anything, I was quite ready to leave work. I've gotten to the point were it is hard to walk and even sitting up all day is hard. The boys are big and healthy. Logan (baby A) is really really active and I think is going to be our wild man. Connor (baby B) is more laid back and doesn't kick around to much. In the ultrasound Connor was sitting on Logan's head though. Typical brothers I guess :)

I also to my gestational diabetes test which I evidently failed. Having twins puts you at a higher risk for gestational diabetes. Yay me! I go see a dietitian soon. What is lucky for me is that our Bishop is a doctor and this is his specialty. So at least I know where to go with any questions. :)

I got to have a baby shower at work before I left and it was awesome!! The girls at work are so good to me and my fabulous sister in law made the sweetest cakes!!!!! It was amazing and they got us off to a fabulous start with baby gear.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My baby girl is 8!! :)

Lily is 8 today! I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that she was born. She was the only baby that I had with out drugs so I remeber that birth very well. :) She was such a serious baby and then became the silliest little toddler. She even came up with her own language. Now as a big girl she is the sweetest most compassionate girl. She loves everyone and tries so hard to help. She says when she grows up she wants to be a babysitter or go into buisness with Hannah and run a rescue shelter for animals. I can see her being a wonderful mother and just a all around cool girl to hang out with. I love you Lily, you make me so proud and I am so thankful to be your Mommy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

They are growing!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thats right. . . 2 new Thomas's!!!!