Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures in Bedrest

My big Ole' twin belly is peeking out from under the table :)
My baby shower cake. SO CUTE!

I've been on modified bed rest for awhile now but yesterday got taken off work and given full bed rest. My heart wasn't broken or anything, I was quite ready to leave work. I've gotten to the point were it is hard to walk and even sitting up all day is hard. The boys are big and healthy. Logan (baby A) is really really active and I think is going to be our wild man. Connor (baby B) is more laid back and doesn't kick around to much. In the ultrasound Connor was sitting on Logan's head though. Typical brothers I guess :)

I also to my gestational diabetes test which I evidently failed. Having twins puts you at a higher risk for gestational diabetes. Yay me! I go see a dietitian soon. What is lucky for me is that our Bishop is a doctor and this is his specialty. So at least I know where to go with any questions. :)

I got to have a baby shower at work before I left and it was awesome!! The girls at work are so good to me and my fabulous sister in law made the sweetest cakes!!!!! It was amazing and they got us off to a fabulous start with baby gear.