Monday, June 15, 2009

My baby is 9!

Hannah turned 9 on Friday. Does that seem possible? We just had a small swim party at my sisters. I cannot believe that she is 9. It feels like yesterday we brought her home and Jason and I had no idea what to do. :) She is so smart and compassionate. She beautiful inside and out. I've said it many times but if I wasn't her mother I would still want to be her friend.
My brother and Sister-in-law brought Butch my furry niece. She got in the pool too, even though she was mad that they put her in. It was to funny!

My niece Kara will be 13 this year. I feel old!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wedding!

The oldest Thomas brother finally got married. ITS ABOUT TIME. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for Timmy. Andrea is such a sweet girl . The babies were all in the wedding and did a good job. We had to bribe them with money but what ever makes it work. It was a long long night. We didn't get in bed until after 2. We are still recovering. I think I must be getting old. I stay up late one night and my body hurts like I was hit by a truck. When did this happen? Wasn't I just 18 and getting married?
Me and my prince charming.

Hannah is so silly. And has recently decided to become a vegaterian. I blame Aunt Jill. :)

Uncle Timmy and his girls. Lily was not happy when he decided to get married. She is Uncle Timmys girl. But she had decided that she loves her Aunt Andrea.

This is the only picture I got with Andrea in it. Whoops! She looked beautiful and her dress was Beautiful. Aunt Jill is in the corner, Our family vegetarian. Well until now I guess.

They clean up nice don't they. Good looking little devils.