Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm!

This week an ice storm hit the area. It was rough. We are never prepared for these things and life just stops when they hit. I stayed home form work for 2 days which was nice

After the ice storm hit we got about an inch of snow. The kids really had fun, and I got to stay home, so I guess I will be thankful for the storm.

Last Friday we adopted another dog since our sweet Ruby didn't appear to be coming home. Every night in Family Prayer we would pray for her to come home and to be warm and fed. Little Colin would always pray for her to be brave since she is so timid and would never come to men. (she been abused before we got her) So I went and adopted Dean. I had not been home for 30min with him when I received a phone call. The man said he thought he had Ruby. I burst into tears and ran to my car. He owns a farm about a mile away. I got there and he was holding my sweet Ruby. Ruby and I cried and loved on each other. He said she had been there awhile and would sleep with his newborn calf's ever night (she was warm) and he would put food out for her and he would notice it was gone every morning (she was fed). He said she would never come near him but he would see her playing with the calf's and other dogs. Mr Pelly went to the store that morning and saw our flyer we had put up and he went home and called Ruby by name and she ran to him ( she was Brave). I'm so glad to have my sweet puppy back, and for what an example of how God answers prayers for my children!
So now we have 3 Beagles. I am in hog heaven. Ruby and Dean are like little lost love birds. They love on each other and sleep together, They play all the time. Sam is tolerating it :)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freakin' Cold!!!

What the heck!!! It is Freakin' cold here! I don't mind the cold and the 1 Snow we get here a year I don't mind, we have fun. But if it isn't going to snow... For pity's sake warm up!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Fabulous Sunday!!

I had such a wonderful Sunday in my new ward yesterday! First Sunday there I received a calling!! I am going to be teaching in the Primary! I am so excited! Plus I got the word that I get to wear an important piece of clothing again. It was an awesome day. I felt the spirit so strongly that I was just in tears all day. I love it when days like that happen! I have been on such a spiritual high yesterday and today! So Exciting! I hope that it can hold over so that I can keep it with me and take it home.

Jason and I celebrated our 10Th anniversary on Friday. We didn't do anything too special since we just did want to be to far away from Colin. We had a night with out babies which is always nice and went to dinner and just enjoyed each other. Isn't it amazing how after this long with someone you can love them even more then you did the day you got married. I am so blessed to have J. He is such a good Dad and he really is my best friend.

On a sadder note, Ruby slipped her collar and we have been looking for her for several days. Even on our anniversary while we had not kids we just went looking for her. I miss her.
Hopefully she will turn up alive and well.